September 25, 2018

Morgan Cohn

Morgan is a Varsity Swimmer at Vandegrift High School Class of 2019.  She has been swimming since she was a little girl and is a true water baby.  Morgan’s day was threatening rain and dark clouds all day.  They did come but we managed to hang in there and get some wonderful shots of this lovely young lady.  If she ever wanted to model for a living, I don’t think she would have too hard of a time making it as she is super tall, a natural poser, perfect skin and look at those eyes and lips.  Morgan is also one of my LGP Spokesmodels and I have been so honored to have her on my team.  I can’t wait for more shoots throughout the year for our team!

We ended our evening at a creek and her little girl came out when she stepped in the water.  Loved seeing that natural joy and happiness.  Keep smiling sweet girl!!!

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  1. Heather says:

    Such a beautiful session and girl!