September 6, 2018

Living in the Digital Age


We are living in the digital world, everything seems to be on the screen.  Everything from our books, music, and photos are stored in the cloud.  Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty great to have all of this right at your fingertips.  Who doesn’t love the ability to carry hundreds of your favorite songs on your phone?  But is digital always best when it comes to your portraits, not a snapshot but Portraits?  Snapshots are fine living in your phone but your portraits are meant to be printed and displayed.

You hire a photographer to create beautiful portraits, and then what?  Most people now seem to just want a USB full of digital files.  I’m guilty, I love having all the digitals and you should too.  There is nothing wrong with having the files, however, most of us never do anything with those digital files and they live in a file on the computer or in a drawer.  A few of them might make their way onto your Facebook page or you may post one to your Instagram feed every month or so.  Sometimes people take them to Walgreens or some other local print lab only to be dissatisfied by the result.  By doing this are we getting our full potential out of our money and our photographer’s work? The answer is NO!  You hired your photographer to create something that wasn’t a snapshot.  You hired them to create a beautiful photograph to treasure forever.  Luckily, your photographer is also an expert at the amazing products that are available today to treasure our portraits.

Along with the cool new stuff available digitally, the world of photography products has also become much cooler than in days past.  Gorgeous Albums, Display boxes with board images that you can also store momentos in, (tassles, ACL stubs, Prom tickets).  Gallery Wrap Canvas Wall Art, Bamboo wood with the prints on them and Dad’s favorite the Metal Prints that make every color pop!  Of course, I still have those digital files available and they will be stored in a beautiful box and crystal USB drive.


So print your portraits, display them proudly!

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