June 13, 2018

Joshua Tree

So Maddie, Halle and I headed out to Joshua Tree California for a weekend with Seniorologie.  We flew into LA and drove 2 more hours to the desert.  We drove through the mountains, an abnormal about wind turbines in Palm Springs and finally made it to the little town of Joshua Tree.  This is a true flashback to days gone by.  There was a Saloon!!!!  Not kidding.  There was not one chain stores or restaurants…all local small town establishments.  As the girls said, “we would have never come here, but this is so cool”   and the most notable comment and theme for our trip  “STAR WARS”,  Halle was determined we were in the middle of Star Wars.  And after a quick google search, they did film some in CA.  This was repeated every time we looked out at the amazing landscape.  “STAR WARS”

Our Airbnb was THE MOST ADORABLE house Ever.  Highly recommend @bluerockhaven.
Day one we did some training as the girls slept in and then got their hair and makeup done.  Today we stayed in town and took advantage of this quirky little town with all its cool places.  We just walked around found spots, shoot and walked again.  This little van thing with two dogs pulled up next to us with two dogs.  Owners went in somewhere and we took the opportunity to use this little guy and the dogs.  Halle made friends with one of them but he was pretty focused on dad coming back.  We shoot until sunset and wow the lighting was amazing.  That night some of us went to dinner at the Saloon, the girls couldn’t get it so they took and Uber to a little cafe (yes, they actually had Uber).  I picked them up after dinner and we went back to our adorable house and lite a fire in the fire pit, (it gets cold at night in the desert).  We painted rocks, roasted marsh mellows, had girl talk and looked at the stars and constellations with our handy-dandy constellations app.   Finally time for bed, at least for me!
Here are some photos of the day and some behind the scenes iPhone pics thrown in. (they are the fuzzy ones…per my mom)

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