June 11, 2018

Why do a Summer Photo Session

So It’s Hot out! NO, it’s not hot, it’s surface of the sun hot already!  It’s put a towel in your car so the skin on the back of your legs doesn’t melt off, hot!  It’s don’t leave lipstick or chapstick or anything in your car or it is destroyed, hot!  It’s, “Hey kids, do you want pops sickles for breakfast”, hot!  Ok, so you get the point…it’s brutal but it’s also SUMMMMMMERRRRR!  Long days, Fireflies,  & gorgeous sunsets!   So why would you get your Senior Photos taken before your senior year starts?  Here are a few reasons why.

1.  When school starts, it’s gonna get CRAZY!  You have so little time to do anything.
2.  Tans.  That glowing skin.  However, BAND KIDS….do it before those tan lines are ingrained in your skin.
3. Beautiful light dresses, shorts, and rompers!  Cute cute clothes!
4. That summer sun!  The light is so great in the summer and the sunsets are even better!
5. Long day so we can have that extra time to spend up until that beautiful sunset!
6. Have all your photos to share for the entire year
7. Yearbook ads are due in October…You’ll want your senior photos for those.

IT”S SUMMER!!!!!!!  Let’s go shoot!!!!!

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